Checklist to demonstrate your VH chops & tone

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Checklist to demonstrate your VH chops & tone

Postby Che Guitarra » Fri Jun 02, 2017 1:58 pm

Hey kids :!:

Before you post that youtube video showing off your awesome Van Halen tone & chops, make sure you do the following :

:arrow: Turn up the reverb full blast on all your gear. If you have multiple reverb units, turn all those MF'ers on as well... If you have digital delay gear, turn them shitz on too. The swishier, the mushier, the better...

:arrow: Make sure when using your flanger and phase shifter, you leave those sumbitches on the entire time you're playing. Turning them on & off at key moments like Ed did, well that's for n00bs.

:arrow: Make sure that whatever track you are attempting to play is also playing along in the room with you - so loud that it is drowning you out in the mix, hiding what your playing & tone really sound like.

:arrow: Don't waste a minute of time attempting to learn how to play Ed's licks before you hit the record button. The less you know about how to accurately play the tune you are attempting to demonstrate - the better.

:arrow: When filling in the video comment section, let all your viewers know that you are well aware that you have no clue how the music you are playing is actually played, and you could not be bothered to tune your guitar - as if there was some sort of time constraint that prevented you from doing any of these things...

:arrow: Whenever possible, use a $3,000+ hand-wired booteek amp for your clip. Make sure you spend at least the first 20 minutes of your video showing all the gear you have - and talking about it.

:idea: BONUS POINTS if you use a cell phone, rather than a decent mic and pre-amp to record your clip.

:idea: BONUS POINTS if you stare into the camera while making stupid faces that show the world you're thinking, "Man, I'm the shitz" while rendering your ham-fisted attempt.

:idea: BONUS POINTS if you get all indignant and belligerent in the comment section when someone invariably tells you it sucks.
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Re: Checklist to demonstrate your VH chops & tone

Postby LLL » Mon Jun 05, 2017 8:51 pm

Haha yeah I've seen a few on YouTube where the dude drowns out his tone with the real song. Then his comment section is full of "right on bro you nailed it!" comments...
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Re: Checklist to demonstrate your VH chops & tone

Postby Sparky The Hamster » Sat Aug 05, 2017 9:08 pm

Cover songs are for non professionals! Only pro musicians do originals! :lol:
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