LLL's Ownhammer Studio Mix Collection iR Test

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LLL's Ownhammer Studio Mix Collection iR Test

Postby RitchiesPartyHat » Fri Feb 02, 2018 3:55 am

Redid the clip, no variac on amp, used "T1 Studio-Modern" mic mix iR files (Shure SM57 & Royer R121 mix)

Here's the Ownhammer Speaker iR taste test; I chose 21 speakers from the set.

Playing a piece from "High Wire" by Badlands (Jake E. Lee).
Recorded once (tapped from line out), then applied 21 times to 21 different speaker iRs.
So, each clip is an exact clone of each other, but with a different speaker iR applied.
Each clip is the exact same file size and length.


- Fender Am Std Strat body / Warmoth quarter-sawn maple neck
- Callaham Am Std Strat 2-hole whammy upgrade kit (bridge pieces, block & arm)
- early 80's Seymour Duncan SH-5 Custom (500K vol & tone)
- fresh .009 GHS Burnished Nickel Rockers

- JTM45RI modded to '68 1987 specs (PTP)
- NOS Mullard pre's, EHX 6CA7 power, NOS Philips 5AR4
- MM O-45JT OT

- THD Hotplate 16Ohm

- Universal Audio 2-610 / NOS Mullard 4024s, 4004s

- EMU-1820m

- Reaper


Signal Chain (top to bottom):

amp (speaker out 1) -> hotplate set to "load"
| (speaker out 2)
Suhr ISO Line Out
UA 2-610
EMU 1820m



- SIR2 (speaker iR loader)
- Ownhammer iR files (each speaker iR) version: 500ms, 44.1KHz, 412 MAR, T1 Studio-Modern
- buss out to Waves iR Stereo with EMT140 Plate iR (slightly wet)
- Waves L1 Limiter Stereo on the "2"

NO EQ WHATSOEVER (not even lo/hi pass)!

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Re: LLL's Ownhammer Studio Mix Collection iR Test

Postby IAmTheWalrus » Sat Feb 03, 2018 2:16 am

I love it when people take a scientific approach to this stuff!

So... no Celestion G12 M70 :?:

I gotta go with either the '71 Pre Rola Celestion G12M55hz or the Scumback M75's.
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